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Tamerlan Tsarnaev

admin | April 13, 2021

26, older Boston Marathon bomber brother who came to the US at 16 – six months after his parents and three siblings settled in Cambridge, MA in 2002. He spent those months in Ankara, Turkey with his uncle Ruslan, the son-in-law of that city’s CIA station chief Graham Fuller. Tamerlan died on April 19, 2013 after a wild bomb and bullet battle in Watertown where he was shot nine times by Watertown PD Sergeant and then dragged to his death by his younger brother who fled the shootout in a stolen Mercedes SUV. His death certificate read “never worked” yet he drove a Mercedes and wore expensive clothing. Tamerlan remains a suspect in a still-unsolved triple murder of three young Mixed Martial Arts fighters whose bodies were found nearly decapitated on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.

This is how prosecutors described his terror to jurors in his brother’s trial:

“At 2:48 he checks his bomb for one last time, and then he gets ready to make his phone call to his brother to tell him that things are a go. He’s making his call. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, this was a 19-second call. It coordinates with his phone records. We don’t know exactly what he said, but we know what he told his brother. He told him he was in position. He told him it was go time.”

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